Patch Partners


The creation of a Patch Community was integral to my vision from the very beginning, and I have worked hard over the last 4 years to develop a warm, welcoming, energising and replenishing atmosphere; a space that welcomes all, and brings people together.  I am immensly proud of all the The Patch has become, and feel privileged that so many hold it in such high regard.   

As The Patch grows, and the post-covid panic settles down I have begun to turn my attention to the documentation of the theories, ideologies and practices that I have been researching and formulating over the last 20 years in my professional career.  This brings with it a zest for brave new projects, and exciting possibilities, but also highlights to me the need for partnership and support, as recently there have been times where I have found myself feeling lonely and overwhelmed; thinking that this adventure is simply too big for one person to manage.  Previously, I have always worked in a team or a partnership, and the loss of that has left a big gap. So with optimism for connection and collaboration, I am looking for new collaborators, associates and partners.

The potential at The Patch is so wide and varied, it is impossible to list all of the different fields that could compliment the offering, but here are a few to begin with: crafts professionals, outdoor learning specialists, psychologists and therapists, educators, facilitators, artists, health professionals and musicians.  

Over the next few months I will be holding campfire evenings or weekends as an inviation for you to come and connect.  Our first meeting is on Monday 19th September, its free to attend and you can let me know you're planning on coming by clicking here...