How to find us:

The postcode of The Patch is HP5 3PT, and The Patch is situated in the field opposite the farmhouse of Johns Lane Farm.
Please see map for positioning of the entrance gate.

  • Parking:

    Please drive through the entrance gate, and down to the end of the track where you will see a turning circle. You can then turn yourself around before parking up against the fence line.

    Please be aware that there is barbed wire on the boundary fence, so please take care when getting in and out of your vehicle.

  • Toilet:

    We have a lovely new compost toilet, and we ask that children are supervised to use this facility to ensure that it is used correctly. For those of you who haven’t used a toilet like this before there are written instruction on the wall of the toilet to help you out, but the main point to note is that everyone (boys and men included) have to sit down to use this toilet due to the way that the waste is separated and stored.

  • Clothing and footwear:

    The Patch is a natural site, and therefore we suggest strapped footwear rather than flip flops as there are lots of things to climb on and uneven ground to run on. There are also opportunities to play with mud, water and sand at The Patch so please choose clothes that you are happy to get wet and muddy.

  • Campfire:

    Campfires will often be lit, this will always be announced to the group and a Patch team member will always be supervising the fire, but please ensure that you are responsible for your child and any children in your care when approaching or using the fire.

  • Refreshments:

    There is a refreshments stand with teas, coffee, hot chocolate and drinking water available, but I would also suggest bringing a water bottle (we have a drinking water tap to top up bottles as necessary)

  • First Aid:

    There will always be a first aider on site, and you will be introduced to the Patch team on your arrival. Any accidents requiring medical attention will be recorded, a copy of which will be made available for the parent/guardian.

  • Safeguarding & Risk Assessments:

    The site itself, as well as the activities taking place on them have all been risk assessed and every consideration and care has been taken to ensure the safety of both visitors and the Patch team. However, this is a natural outdoors site and there are some elements of the experience (twigs, logs, tools, uneven surfaces, fire etc.) that are a large part of the experience of being at The Patch, and as such all risk cannot be eliminated. Whilst on family sessions, parents remain responsible for their children and we request that you respect the instructions and guidance offered by the experienced Patch team, as well as supervising your child/ren to ensure that they treat the space and the resources with care and respect, and help to ensure that the actions of your child do not have a detrimental impact on the other visitors to The Patch. Whilst at The Patch, if you notice something that requires attention, or see something that falls below our high standards, please report to a member of The Patch team who will take appropriate action. For children only sessions, participants are required to listen to and respect the decisions and requests made by the Patch Team in order to provide an enjoyable experience for all and to keep everyone safe.

  • Photo permission:

    During the booking process you will be asked about photo consent. This is purely to generate a record of the event / activity and photos will only be used for publicity on the website and future advertising. Children and adults will never be referred to by name. At the beginning of your session a member of the Patch team will check in about photo permission to double check before any photos / film are taken.

  • GDPR:

    Your privacy is very important to us, and as such your details will never be passed to any other organisation (please click here to read out full GDPR policy)

  • Smoking:

    The Patch and the track leading to The Patch are non-smoking areas

  • Dogs:

    Dogs are not permitted on site, unless prior agreement has been arranged

  • A warm welcome awaits at The Patch…
    a thoughtful place to be.