The Patch Promise

On each of your visits to The Patch our aim is...

  • To provide a warm and welcoming space
  • To invite you to a playful and friendly environment
  • To make you feel safe
  • To invite you to take part in thoughtful and inspiring activities
  • To give you the courage to try something new
  • To help you feel supported
  • To listen without judgement
  • To share our skills, crafts and expertise with you
  • To offer you a space to be creative
  • To include you in the development of our space
  • To help you nurture your wellbeing
  • To give you space to tell your story
  • To offer you freedom to explore
  • To help you feel part of our Patch Community

A thoughtful place to be

As a member of The Patch community we ask of you…

  • To be kind to yourself and others
  • To respect and care for all livings things that you meet here, from the biggest human down to the smallest bug
  • To look after the trees and the plants, the flowers and the veggies
  • To listen to others
  • To help whenever you can
  • To pick up rubbish and tidy away
  • To be willing to try new things and be open to new ideas
  • To be friendly and welcoming to others
  • To share all of our resources, from the tools and the toys to the conversations and the campfire
  • To bring your energy and fun and laughter and joy
  • To know that sadness and feeling fed up is ok too (and to ask for help if you need it)
  • To appreciate and be grateful for the care, love and thought that has gone in to creating this space, as a place for you to belong
  • To help us grow the Patch into a vibrant and thoughtful place to be

Save the Date / Coming Soon

    October half terms sessions

  • Date: 26th - 30th Oct

    Members help out day

  • Date: 8th Nov

Therapeutic Support Spaces

  • Dates: 29th Nov, 27th Dec

Christmas Performances

  • Dates: 19th - 21st Dec